REAL NEAT AWARD, Thank you very much!

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Yo! Sirius here!
I got nominated again!!

This will be my 3rd nomination to an award and also my 3rd nomination of A Real Neat Award. It seemed alot of people find my blog really neat. XD

Thank you, Umai Yomu! Check out his blog today!

Now for the questions…
Yomu sure gave out some interesting questions. I can’t wait to answer them. Ooohohoho!
EDIT: Oh my! I just got a notification. It seemed that Lina tagged me recently with the same nomination award. I’m so grateful!! Good thing I haven’t released this entry yet and was able to edit. Hahahah!

I’ll be answering  Yomu’s questions first, then Lina’s.
This is going to be fun. ^_^

Here are the requirements:

  • Display the logo.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and share a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominated 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

Umai Yomu’s Questions

01. If you had to choose one, what would your chuuni name be? (For example, I am known as Dark-Seal Mirage in the chuuni community, Dark-Seal for short).
Oh man, for a first question…this sure is hard. XD
A chuuni name, huh. Hhhmmmm…
If I had to choose one, that would be Lightning Cerulean Breaker. Cheesy, right? Heh.
The reason I chose this name is my facination of the power, electric kinesis. I find it really really powerful and quite useful, after all, you can literally find electricity everywhere.
I chose the word Cerulean because I always loved the color of the skies. It would be so cool to see a cerulean-colored electricity surrounding me. I would look badass.
Lastly, I chose the word Breaker is because….it’s sound cool?
That’s just me. XD
02. What anime made you laugh the most?
The anime that made me laugh the most would Sket Dance. I know that there are other awesome comedy animes out there, but the jokes in Sket Dance never fail to crack me up. In some ways, the anime is quite similar to Gintama, but I haven’t seen it yet so I’ll settle with Sket dance.

03. Who is your favourite anime character with a moustache?
A fav character with a moustache. Hhhmmmm….tricky..
I would choose Gildarts Clive of Fairy Tail. He’s really cool and really OP too. I’m a fan of Fairy Tail and I really like all the characters in the guild. I know he doesn’t seem to have thick moustache, atleast its still visible. That counts, right??? XD

04. Has anime ever inspired you to try eating something new?

Yes, specifically Shokugeki no Souma. I had always wanted to try Japanese food, but ever since I watched that anime, damn, my desire to eat Japanese food heightened. Right now, I’m still unemployed. But once I would have some cash, I’ll definitely indulge myself with different dishes of Japanese cuisine.

05. If you could pick any two anime characters to battle it out, who would you choose? (Can be a battle of wits, strength, whatever type of battle you want).
Oh my!! So many possibilities!!! Wait, lemme think. Hhhhmmmm…
I think the battle I would really like would be Erza vs. Esdeath. Ooohohohohoh. BADASS WOMEN. Yeeee!!!
With Esdeath yielding the strongest Imperial Arms, she can also manipulate Ice and forze time. I would like to see her go head to head with Erza, as she an S-class Mage in the world of Fairy tail and continues to evolve as she is the strongest woman in the series. It would be definitely an exciting match. Oohohohoho!

06. What is an anime that has been on your to-watch list for a very long time?
Oh boy, that would be the classics Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
But if I were to choose a modern anime, then that would be Monogatari series. I always wanted to check out the whole franchise, but I never got a chance to do it yet. And also, I’m a bit scared that I might not appreciate it like others do.

07. What is your favourite aspect of blogging?
My favorite aspect of blogging would be the fact that I can freely share my opinion, thoughts and feels about an anime. Before, I rarely share my thoughts about an anime cuz only few can relate. But now, I pretty much just share everything to everyone. 🙂

TinyUglyAnimal’s Lina’s Questions

1. What’s your stance on killing goblins?
If they harm the humans, of course, they need to be punished. That’s my stance.

2. What would be the best way to kill an evil goblin? (is there even good goblins?)
Hhhhmmm….I really do have any specific way to kill them. I would just use the necessary tools available with me and outsmart them.
Its hard to tell if there are good goblins out there, if all of us can communicate with each other and have some compromise, I think we can all achieve peace. 🙂

3. What would happen in a world where the goblins would be allowed to roam free?
It would be chaos. Goblins looked alot different from us humans, that would terror the humans. Immediately, humans would start killing them and vice versa. Chaos.

4. Would you like to live in a world where goblins ruled?
Nope. Totally not. but if ever I would live in that kind of world, I’d rather be a different being other than goblins and humans. That way I could be different from the norm, I always wanted that. Heh.

5. Who is your favorite goblin/-slayer? (yes, you can chose; be it the favorite goblin or the slayer that kills the goblin. And I am not necessarily talking about anime mind you.)
Well…its kinda hard not to answer the main protagonist of the anime, Goblin Slayer. I guess I could say he’s my favorite cuz I find him quite mysterious and he’s also really smart, though dense. He’s a really good character and he’s the reason why (along with Priestess) I am a fan of the series, Goblin Slayer.

6. What is you favorite anime/movie/tv-series with goblins in it?
To be honest, I can’t really think of anything other than Goblin Slayer. But if I were to choose something else, then it won’t be an anime or any anime-related. Lel.
Hhhhmmmm…I guess, I would choose the korean tv series that swept my country, Goblin. I chose that cuz first of all, the story was really interesting and the actor portraying the Goblin was really handsome and really knows how to deliver a character.

7. This was plenty of goblins I’d say; who’s your best boy/girl of all the best boys/girls in all genres. Please elaborate and show me pictures. We need pictures after all them nasty goblins.
Well, I enjoy watching the slime anime recently so I could say my best goblin boi would be:
He brings me joy while I watch the slime anime and as a reader of the manga, he still has alot to “offer”. Lel

Now its my turn to nominate…
My nominations:

Most of the bloggers I nominate are either new here in wordpress, or doesn’t have much followers yet. I really liked their content and I want them to have more exposure. Do drop by there blog and give the love oohohohohoh

My Questions:
01. Would you continue to watch anime even when your old?
02. If you have a chance to live in an anime world, what world would that be?
03. I follow alot of anitubers on youtube. From anime reviews to satire analysis, I enjoy watching them. How about you? Who are you subscribe to?
04. Are there any comics/movies/tv series/manga/light novels/visual novels/games that you want to be adapted into an anime? If so, how many episodes? Seasons?
05. Do you consider Avatar – The Last Airbender, Avatar – The Legend of Korra, RWBY, and even, Castlevania as animes?
06. For you, who is the BEST supporting character in an anime?
07. If you have been give a chance to change the ending of an anime, what anime would that be? Why did you choose it? How will you change it?

Ooohohohohohoh!! Now this is going to be interesting.
To all who are nominated, feel free to do this tag. I really don’t mind if you guys do it or not, though, I am curious to know your answers on some of my questions. So I’m low key hoping you guys would do it. Heheheheh.
Thank you again, Yomu and Lina, for nominating and have this opportunity to answer your intriguing and challenging questions. 😀
Anyway, thanks for reading!!


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    Thank you. :’)
    Well, aside from you, I haven’t had followers here who I interact with.

    1. FireRoad Permalink

      Maybe I would do when I get a bigger following.

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      Hhhhmmm… Its okay if you cant tag anyone for now.
      Me just want to know ur answers to my questions XD

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    Congratulations on the award. I had fun reading your answers.

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    Congrats. Thank you. I would love to live peacefully with goblins, if possible, I would love to give them names,

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    Thank you very much for the nomination! Pretty interesting questions you got there. I will do this tag post very soon. Look forward to it 😀

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    Congrats on the award!
    Sket Dance is so funny. Too bad the last few volumes weren’t adapted in the anime.

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    Congrats on the award!!! Thank you for the nomination, I’ll do the tag as soon as I can. ❤ Look forward to it! Congrats and thanks again!

  7. Lina Permalink

    Oh, some great answers (all of them not just my q’s). I like the idea of living in peace with the goblins but looking at the real world world peace seems impossible and getting the with such murderous beings well, we would need a lot of ice cream for that. (I have no idea what GS is gonna do with the ice cream btw so it’s not a spoiler. He is planning something and a part of me wish that he will use it to tame one of them and use that one to spy on the others. That would be awesome. ) GS is btw my biggest reason for watching the anime. I find him extremely attractive in a lot of ways, including the ones you mentioned. 😎
    And with that cute picture I think I have to watch the slime anime. 😊 Thank you for answering my questions!


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