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A Place Further than the Universe: After Thoughts

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I had been putting the review of this anime on hold for quite sometime now. I really thought making a review for Violet Evergarden was already hard, but damn, this one is harder.

Most of the things I want to say had already been said by alot of content creators in the youtube and blogging communities, so why should I bother? Well, I guess I just want to get these feels out of my chest and not care. These are my thoughts after all.

I won’t promise new content about this anime, just my point of view.

So, here it goes.


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 2, 2018 to Mar 27, 2018
Premiered: Winter 2018
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Original
Genres: Adventure, Seinen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older
Synopsis: Filled with an overwhelming sense of wonder for the world around her, Mari Tamaki has always dreamt of what lies beyond the reaches of the universe. However, despite harboring such large aspirations on the inside, her fear of the unknown and anxiety over her own possible limitations have always held her back from chasing them. But now, in her second year of high school, Mari is more determined than ever to not let any more of her youth go to waste. Still, her fear continues to prevent her from taking that ambitious step forward—that is, until she has a chance encounter with a girl who has grand dreams of her own.

Spurred by her mother’s disappearance, Shirase Kobuchizawa has been working hard to fund her trip to Antarctica. Despite facing doubt and ridicule from virtually everyone, Shirase is determined to embark on this expedition to search for her mother in a place further than the universe itself. Inspired by Shirase’s resolve, Mari jumps at the chance to join her. Soon, their efforts attract the attention of the bubbly Hinata Miyake, who is eager to stand out, and Yuzuki Shiraishi, a polite girl from a high class background. Together, they set sail toward the frozen south.

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho follows the captivating journey of four spirited girls, all in search of something great.

A Place further than the Universe, or in Japanese, Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, was a huge surprise to me last year. No one, even me, expected it to be so good. I mean, even after it aired in the first quarter of the year, it was still one of the most talked about animes until the very end. I can pretty much say that this anime is one of the best things that had happened in 2018.

Yorimoi is not your ordinary Slice-of-life adventure anime that stars cute girls doing cute things, its actually more than that. It’s about youth. Living life to the fullest. Going on a journey. Taking risks. Standing up. Being different. Friendship. Family. Courage. Love. Regret. Happiness. And forgiveness. This anime had moved me more than any kind of anime before. I mean, from the first episode itself, I freakin’ had tears in my eyes because I totally feel and relate to what the characters had gone through. This anime is that powerful.


The story was great. The premise was quite simple, and it progressed really well. It transformed from a surface level typical “cute girls doing cute things” into an awesome adventure to Antartica, and that’s hard thing to do. Kudos to the writers for creating a wonderful and impactful story.

For an original anime, the pacing was quite stable. Though, I do want to point out that people might find some parts of the anime “slow”, it wasn’t for me. Even though, it wasn’t part of the listed genre, this is still considered a slice-of-life anime so I totally get the reaction. Those parts were necessary to build up the important scenes so I have no problem with it.


Believe me, it wasn’t the interesting plot that made this series amazing and awesome. It was the characters. Mari, Shirase, Hinata, and Yuzuki are amazing characters with intriguing personalities. All of them are well written and have deep complex backstories that made them more believable and relatable to us, viewers. Their interactions with each other made the series really vibrant and fun to watch. Yeah, I admit that at times I find their reactions exaggerated, but their reactions and movements are closely similar to what high school girls do when they are having fun with each other.

I think my only problem in here would be the lack of depth of Mari. In the beginning of the anime, we first got introduced with Mari. Thinking that she is the main character, we expect great things and deep character development. But she got overthrown by the other girls arcs. Shirase, Hinata and Yuzuki had better and intriguing story arcs than Mari, and that makes me sad. Yes, I know she had a moment with her in the few first episodes in the anime, but if you compare it to the other girls, Mari is dead last. It’s a bit disappointing, but it didn’t affect much my overall enjoyment of the series.

The supporting characters were also likeable and noteworthy too. Even though they were not given much importance, their presence had enough depth to keep not other the main characters feel secure, but also us, viewers.


Another aspect that made this series stand out above the rest of the animes this year was the outstanding art & animation. Bruh, Studio Madhouse did it again!! The overall art is pleasing in the eyes. The animation was a mix of 2D and 3D done right. From the character designs to the background to the colours to the cinematography of the anime, everything was flawless.

Of course, this anime wouldn’t be complete without the amazing music. Along with Violet Evergarden’s OST, Yorimoi’s OST and theme songs are my favorites last 2018. The OST is very soothing and full of feels. While, the theme songs are very noteworthy. Listening to them makes me remember everything the characters had gone through all through out the series, especially the ED song. It makes me cry.


The VA’s did a wonderful job in portraying the characters really well. Each one of them fit well to the character and delivered an outstanding performance. Of course, as always, Hanazawa Kana’s performance blew me away. To be honest, I didn’t know she was part of this anime until I heard her voice. I couldn’t stop grinning while listening to her voice. She is so amazing. Of course, I won’t forget Hayami Saori’s portrayal of Yuzuki. I never knew her voice would go well with Yuzuki’s personality. It wasn’t just her’s, but also Iguchi Yuka and Minase Inori’s too. Ugghhh they are so good.

Overall, this anime was amazing. It’s like no other. it not only affected me feels wise, but it also made me realize that I should not be stuck and move forward. Be a risk taker. Not give up and just live my life to the fullest. I may not experience gaining friends like in this anime, I am happy with what I have and I also look forward to the ones I will build in the future.

I guess, that’s all I could say about this anime.

Thanks again for reading!!


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    Ahh, I just finished this recently and am currently writing a post about it, too! 😀 I enjoyed it a lot! I thought that Mari’s part was all right, though. It may not be as eventful as the other three, but her struggle feels so real to me that it made her part still appealing. To me, at least. Haha!
    Nice review! ☺️

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    I am just now rewatching this. The best anime of 2018 no competition. Not just of 2018, its one of my all time favorites right now ❤️


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