Anime 400th Post Special!! Past, Present, & Future

400th Post Special!! Past, Present, & Future

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Reading Time: 6 minutesYOOO!!!!

Sirius here!!

Damn, bruh. This is my 400th post since I started my blog almost 3 years ago. Oh man, didn’t expect it’s been that long.

I want to say thank you to all for being with me in this long journey. Didn’t expect I would reach 400th post. I mean, I am a lazy person, maintaining a blog this long is a huge achievement.


Now, for today’s special post, there is a theme. The theme would be Past, Present & Future.

What would this mean? Well, Now that I reached this milestone, I want to look back on my posts since I reached the 300th mark, give some updates on what I’m doing right now, and also maybe, give a glimpse of my future plans on the blog.

Now to start, let’s take a trip to the past.

PAST: Posts that were memorable 

Interestingly, I reached the 300th mark just last year.

At the beginning of last year, I immediately hit the 300th mark, and I celebrate it with a lot of new stuff on my blog, like the Weekly Watch and consistent postings.

However, During February, I suddenly got a chance to transfer domain from a wordpress blog to something my own. That affected my usual posting schedule. I tried to comeback from it, but there were alot of problems in maintaining a owned domain site. Heh.

Compared to my previous years, last year was full of hiatus. Lol. It affected my momentum in writing and posting stuff on my blog. Still, I know that I was able to produce contents that I’m proud of.


First would be A Place Further than the Universe.

Personally, I love the anime, and because of that I had a hard time expressing what I really want to say about this anime. In some ways, I was able to put my feelings into words and I am proud of it.

This is one of the last posts before I transferred to a different site. So yeah. Check this one out.

Screenshot_20190720-190025_Video Player.jpg

Next memorable post is Starship Operators Anime Review for the project Space is the Place.

Before I got to participate onto this project I was on a hiatus. I was a bit lost with how I am going with my blog and the project helped me see the path I am supposed to go to. Writing a review about an anime I really enjoy watching made me rekindle my love for writing on my blog.


I usually don’t post much about my personal life, but I was able to share about my visit to the CebuLitFext X Comicket here in my city.

I love visiting this kind of events as I could collect goods I love and support local artists. I also got to meet new people with the same interests as me. Other than this LitFest, I also got a chance to share my ArchCon 2019which is a part of my 12 Days of anime for 2019.

Being able to visit these events became a must to me, so I hope this quarantine would end so that I can proceed to visit these events again.

Weathering With You, Makoto Shinkai's newest piece 3

My Weathering With You anime movie review was very memorable as it was a post I immediately made after watching the movie alot of times in the cinema. Usually, I wait for the anime movie to be released in BD so that I could personally capture specific screenshots for my entry, but I couldn’t contain my feels for the entry anymore that’s why I post immediately.

I was able to share what I wanted to share, without giving any spoilers, so that is an amazing feat on my part.


During my 300th post special, I announced that I would be writing weekly posts about the new episodes of the new animes. It was called Anime Weekly Watch. I was able to write a handful of the 2019 Winter season posts last year but I stopped because of my mental health issues. Now, this year, I decided to revive it again for the 2020 Winter season, however, again, it got cut-off because of the pandemic.

Still, even after the 400th mark, I know I will revive this feature once I have enough time to do it. Why? Because I enjoy making the entries alot. If you had been following my AWW entries, you guys would know I love talking about the new episodes. let’s just hope there wouldn’t be anymore c*ckblockers in my way of achieving a complete season write-up.

Kamisu Reina is here

Lastly, writing a book/novel review of Kamisu Reina is Here, was very memorable for me as I didn’t expect myself that I would be able to publish this. I only planned on posting books I personally have, and most of them are western, but this one is different. This is a Japanese novel where I was able to obtain an Eglish translation of the e-book.

Sharing my thoughts about it was a bit hard I as am not used to sharing my thoughts about the books I read.

I hope I could release more of this in the future.

Present: The things I did this Quarantine Lockdown

Since mid-March, I had been stuck at home.

It not only affected my personal life, also my work life. The balance pretty much went out of the window. But I won’t go deep on this as I already my a post about it.

Right now, I will be updating you guys what I had been up to after my post.

I had been watching alot of animes, movies, tv shows, and a lot of animes.

For the movies, both my sis and I marathoned the Justice League DCEU movies, and the Harry Potter movies.

For the TV shows, I already posted an entry about it which that i finished the tv series Elementary. I also finished watching the 3rd seasons of Macgyver and Bull. Once, I guess, get to watch their final seasons, that’s when I would post entries about them. I’m planning on watching Scorpions next as I haven’t seen the last season. Expect an entry about it soon.

Now for the animes, I watched a lot. Like…A LOT.

From the animes I finished from the previous season to the old animes I’m finishing, I am very productive bruh.

I won’t be mentioning the names of the animes I watched recently and just wait for my entries. Heh.

My future is definitely bright.

Future: Better Tomorrow

We really dunno when this pandemic would end, but the thing we know now is that all we could do is to be prepared.

With that, I am prepared.

As this pandemic continues to affect my life, Working from home also continues to affect my postings here on my blog.

I want to announce early on that if I’m not posting for few days, that means I am bombarded with a lot of jobs and I want to concentrate on them. I don’t follow any schedule anymore so my postings is very erratic. I hope you guys would understand.

Still, I assure you guys I have a lot of entries in store for you in the next couple of days as I had consumed quite a lot of media these past few days.

I won’t promise anything but all I know I plan to improve and be better than the previous me from the past.

I hope you guys would still follow me and continue to support me until the end.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!!

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Will Sirius
I am just a dreamer, trying to be a writer and write the stuff I am into. I love to share my thoughts on anime, tv series, music, movies, books, and more.

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  1. Congratulations on your 400th post. I can’t wait for post #500.
    When you mentioned CebuLitFext X Comicket, I can only think of Cebu in the Philippines, in which I can assume you are a Filipino… then again I may be wrong with my guess.
    Once again, congratulations and more power to your page :3

    • Hi!! Indeed, I am from Cebu, Philippines and yes, I am a Filipino. I also can’t wait for the 500th post!! Oohohohooh Maybe, I should do something special when that time comes hehehehe

      • I can’t comment on some of the posts you’ve made either there is no comments section even if there is, even if I click or tap comment, it won’t do anything.

        • i noticed it too. I dunno what’s up with my comment section but I had been losing a lot of comments lately…
          I’ll try to fix this.
          However, I also want to thank you for trying to comment. I really appreciate it 🙂

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