2017 Fall Season Animes: First Impressions…First Part.

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Hello, People!

It’s the time of the season, where I give off my first impressions to the newest set of animes airing this fall season. I had watched atleast the first episode of each anime so everything I say below are my after thoughts, so please do respect them.


But first.

Lemme mention the leftover animes from the previous season, that I’m still watching.

Ballroom e Youkosou
Dragon Ball Super
Detective Conan
Shokouku no Altair

Uuuuwwwaaaa…so many. RIP me. Do I still have time for this animes? I think so? Lel.


Let’s move on the the main segment.

Here are my first impressions for the fall animes:

Just Because!

Hhhhmmm…this one is boring. Boring, yet, I really really like it. It’s really laid back, bland in color, and slow. Still. I dunno why, I just like this series.

This series is kinda realistic, showing off how teens these days likes to use chat apps and likes to take pics. The interaction between the characters were so awkward yet it has a relatable feel to it. I will still continue watching this every week.

Black Clover

Ha! One of the most hyped anime for this season. Damn, it was a total disappointment. *insert fake smiley face* Ha.ha.ha.

Asta had the most annoying voice I had ever heard since Tears to Tiara. Damn, I need to get my ears checked up. It was that irritating. I already knew that his voice would be disturbing (thank you spoilers from twitter and youtbe, you guys are the best!), but experiencing it was damn amusing. I actually stopped the anime…then rewatch it few days later, hoping that my ears would be ready.

Anyway enough about Asta, time to talk about the series. What’s there to talk about? Uhhh….maybe the fact that the premise is like a mash-up of all the shounen animes I had ever watched. Is that a good thing? I dunno. At least they have almost 50 episodes to prove to me that this anime is worth it. Lel.


Blend S

One word. Moe.

Yes. Moe, Moe, Moe.

I love it. I totally love it. I am so happy there is a moe anime this season. I totally need this to survive. Lel.

The premise was simple and typical. But the characters, damn, they made the show really really fun. I love the manager! The way he fanboy’s to everything the MC does is totally <3 <3 . I also love how the main girls are playing around with the typical archetypes in animes, its so fun to watch. I want to go to this kind of cafe too. This season is going to be a fun ride.




Okay. This is another moe anime. It’s really colorful and vibrant, I give you that. But, for some point, I am not feeling it. It’s really confusing and totally not my cup of tea at the moment. I do get some Rolling Girls feel with this anime. Still, I am going to drop this anime.


Imouto sae Ireba Ii

Damn, the first 2-3 minutes were really….really….really misleading to a point of no return. Thank god the series didn’t turned out to be an Eromange Sensei 2.0 as I hoped for. It’s actually kinda dark and it involves adults (not kids, lel).

The premise surrounds around people who writes novels for a living and their struggles. The main protagonist has a little sister complex, even though he doesn’t have a little sister. He is a writer, and for some point, he affected the lives of the other lead protagonists in the the story.

I’m actually enjoying this series. Its kinda decent (compared to ES). Well, its still in the beginning. I hope it maintains that way, all through out the season.

Garo – Vanishing Line

I had watched the previous Garo series. I liked the first one, and I wasn’t able to finish the 2nd one. Now, this new Garo series takes place in the modern times. Its much darker than ever before. I love the edginess of the character designs, it totally fits the dark tone of the anime. The only problem I see of this anime is the animation of the actions scenes. Dunn how to explain it, but to put into simple words, its too fast and hard to follow. It looks cool at first, but watching it closely definitely hurt my eyes. I even minimize the player so that I can watch it with ease.

I am still going to watch this and see how the story unfolds.

Houseki no Kuni (TV)

This is a unique one. At first, I thought I would drop this anime. It looks so different, and its CG for god’s sake. But damn, this anime is good. Story-wise, its still a mystery, but the delivery is really good. The CG was gorgeous. The action scenes were gripping, I was amazed. The characters were really really likable. It’s actually a fun show. A total underrated series of this season.


Netjuu no Susume

Oooohohohoh. I’m totally loving this anime. As an MMORPG player myself, I can totally relate to the main characters.

The first episode was like the intro to the story, but I know already that I’m going to like this show. I can’t wait for the main protagonists to meet in real life. oooohohhohoho.

Dies Irae

There was an episode 0 before episode 1 was released. Ep. 0 was hella confusing, but I did try to catch up and understand, bit by bit. It’s like the episode was trying to introduce to us the villains of the series. How he became like that and who were his subordinates. It was interesting but still very very confusing.

On Episode 1, the story was now moving. We see the protagonist getting weird hallucinations of getting his head cut off only to learn that there was a murder, a head was cut off. Interesting, Right? I like it so far. I hope this series won’t disappoint me in the end.


Juuni Taisen

Oohohohoohoh. This show is Lit.

Action. Blood. Interesting characters. Intriguing premise. Animation is really really good. Everything. YAS.

Its a battle royale.

The premise is very similar to the Fate series, but the delivery of the story was really really good. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

Another sweet but very very short anime. It’s very simple and I really really like the first episode. But, I don’t think I could watch this every week. It’s too freakin’ short. So I decided to binge-watch this later after its complete.


Code:Realize Sousei no Himegimi


Hot guys. Why wouldn’t I watch this?

The story was really intriguing. A beautiful girl (of course!) with a poison in her body, gets rescued by a hot guy (Lupin is his name) and now she’s asked to live with them for her safety. Definitely a unique premise. *fake smiley face*

But still, even with a not-so-common otome premise, I am still going to continue watching this. Not only because of the hot men (well…its mostly because of them…lel), but because I want to see if this series would walk a different path compared to other otome animes before this.

Children of the Whales

Wow. Such a Beautiful series.

To be honest, I really thought the main protagonist is a girl. Lel to me. I totally didn’t expect him to be a guy.  Look at the series poster, the series gives off a female protagonist vibes. Maybe its just me.

Anyway, the series was really beautiful. The worldbuilding is hands down, the best this season. Very intriguing premise and characters. I could sense some Shinsekai Yori vibes from the first episode alone. Damn. This anime is definitely a top contender for the best anime of the season.


That is all for now.


There are still more animes I need to make a first impressions more. But the length of this post is kinda disturbing me abit so I’m going to stop here for now. I will definitely post the next part of this entry later this week so stay tune.

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