2017 Fall Season Animes: First Impressions…Final Part.

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Lookin’ good

Here is the last set of animes I am going to give my first impressions:

Shokugeki no Souma San no Sara


I had been waiting for this since I finished watching the second season.

Now, the elite 10 are now introduced. As usual, this series is quite consistent with their fast paced storytelling. They skipped alot of chapters (again), but it did flowed quite well.

With the new voice actor for Erina, I was a little bit taken a back with her voice. I always loved Taneda Risa’s portrayal of Erina. Nevertheless, the new VA did really well. Overall, this series is a must watch for me. I am after all, an avid fan of the manga and anime. I can’t wait to feel hungry after every episode. XD

Kekkai Sensen & Beyond

Hell yeah!!

When this was announced, I was really hyped and very very excited. I really loved the first season. This season is going to be a blast.

Damn. This series never fails to make me smile. Everything that made first season really memorable, multiply it by 2, and that is this season.

One word. CRAZY.

Leonardo’s life is still chaotic as ever. I also see the other members showing off their awesome abilities. I also love the bromance between Leo & Zapp. Damn It’s so funny. I do hope I could see and hear more of Leo’s sister. I want her to be relevant in the story.

Konohana Kitan


Cute girls…having cat ears.

This is heaven, everyone!

It’s another slice-of-life type of anime, and its definitely a good one. This show is really relaxing. It’s visually appealing, the characters are also really likable and so darn cute. To be honest, I have nothing bad to say about this series. It’s not even slow, just enough for the viewers not to get bored. I’m definitely going to continue watching this weekly.

Infini-T Force

Wow. I never I would see that day where I would see Gatchaman, Casshern, Tekkaman, & Polymar would team up and save the world. Damn. It looks like a Justice league, and the multiverse stuff. Everything is happening cuz of the pencil. PENCIL. And it happens to be on the hands of a bored, edgy normal average girl.

The animation of action scenes were really really good. The character designs though. They pretty much reminds me of the CG animations in video games back in the day, specifically, around mid 2000’s and early 2010’s. I had only seen the first episode, I kinda hope this series would get better later on.


An anime about anime. Wow. I didn’t expect this one at all.

This series is full of anime reference. I can even pinpoint what anime they were plagiarizing, I mean referencing. Dunno if I like it or not. It’s kinda funny at times, but it is kinda over the top. I do like the normal conversations between people about anime, light novels, mangas and adaptations. Most of the discussions pretty much are relatable and are the usual topics in the anime community.

I will continue to watch this, cuz I am after all, amused by all of the things shown in the series.



Now I understand the hype. This anime is damn good.

Having an old man as the protagonist and a young man (which was usually the main guy in an anime series) as an antagonist is really really interesting. And Oh my god, I real feel sorry to the MC, his family is bad. They don’t care at him at all. An bruh, the main guy is only in his 50’s but he freakin’ look like in 70’s or 80’s. Then he got a news that is dying with cancer. Oh my ghad. I feel so bad for him. It seems that he gets all the bad luck in the world. Not only that, he got crushed by an alien ship. Damn. At least they are kind enough to remade his body, but as a cyborg.No wonder this series is a contender for the best anime this season. It was that good. I think my only problem with the series is the CG animation added when the main character transforms. Its a little weird looking at it. I do hope it improves later on.

Evil or Live

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on watching this. But after seeing an anituber, mentioning this anime not as a must watch, but as an anime that is kinda hilarious, I got curious. It turns out to be quite hilarious indeed.

Compared to Ousama game, this story make sense. Kids/teens these days are addicted to social media and internet, so to be able to make them proper again, the problematic kids/teens were thrown in to rehab. Like I said, the story make sense.

Maybe because the series is produced by a Chinese production, I do see some awkward animation here and there, but they are tolerable.

I do hope this series would improve in the next episodes, I do keep my expectations very very low.

Love Live! Sunshine!!

I was shocked this series would actually get a second season. I thought this was going to be a one time only.

Anyway, the story picks up where the last season was left off. A new term starts, and Aqours was able to win the Love Live! Idol Project. While gearing up for the next event, we learnt that their open house was canceled and the inevitable scenario, the closing of their school, is still going to happen. Damn, that really sucks. But this is a good motivation for the group to do well in the next Love Live! Idol Project.

To be honest, I am not in the mood to watch any idol animes. But because I already started this, I am going to finish this until the very end.

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World

I recently was able to get a copy of the past seasons of this series. I was planning on watching them before watching this, but a friend of mine convinced me to watch this now cuz its totally worth it. Yeah, it really is.

Wow. This anime is really good. The storytelling of the first episode was really well done. Compared to the previous seasons of Kino no Tabi, its kinda clear that this series is much more brighter and vibrant. But the tone of the storytelling remains the same, at least.

I am enjoying every bit of this series. This might be kinda episodic, but still, its written really well.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome

I think I just found the best anime of the season.

Well, its only my opinion, dang, this anime is ssoooo gooodd.

You can really see how the production gave this project tons of money, the animation is so spot-on. It was visually appealing. It totally reminds me alot of Ghibli films, if that even possible.

The story. What can I say? This story is so damn intriguing. A magus bought her from slavery. It turns out that she is a special type of human, a sleigh beggy, which pretty much attracted all kinds of attention from the sorcery and magic side. The magus wants her to be his apprentice and his bride. Damn. Who wouldn’t be hooked on this story?!?!

I do agree with most of the opinion of people. This anime does reminds me alot of Beauty & the Beast with a crossover to the world of Harry Potter. A must watch series.

Ousama Game

Am I seeing another Mayoiga? Why are all the characters here stupid? Can’t they just…uuugggghhhh.

Yep. This series is on a different level of stupid. I can’t even fathom why the production team allow to make a bad show with a bad script. Every time they do or say something stupid, I face palm and laugh. I also question myself, ‘why am I still watching this show?’. Its totally like Mayoiga all over again. Unlike other people, I’m totally okay with the putting of the flashbacks and stuff, its just the writing and the over-the-top gore of the series. It makes me think that this series is like a B-rated movie. It was that bad.

They totally wasted a potential good anime. Damn.

Am I still going to watch this weekly? Yeah. I wanted to see how this anime would turn out in the end.

Sengoku Night Blood

Another otome type anime, I didn’t expect this at all. Compared to other Sengoku animes, the main protagonist is a girl, a girl from the future and different world. Yep, you read that one right. This anime is a romance isekai type. Damn, its been awhile. Last time I watched this type of series was when I watched Angelique anime series.

Anyway, do I like this show? Not much. Unlike any otome anime, this one has so many guys. If I remember it right, there were around 20 guys in the anime, all of them, of course, are very good looking. Some are vampires, others are werewolves, and the rest a supernatural beings I haven’t determined what type. I dunno if I should continue and watch this. I might make a decision maybe after watching the 3rd to 5th episodes.


Of course, this series never fails to make me laugh. Every joke, every reference they do, its hilarious. Seeing this sextuplets again, for sure, brightens my day.

Can’t wait to see more of them.

Two Car

I was planning on dropping this, or even not watch this at all. But, I am a curious being, so I give this one a try.

Hhhmmmm…an anime about girls competing using side cars. It has the usual tropes in girly sports animes. Its watchable at best. And indeed, its gay. Without a guy in sight, girls are flirting with each other, definitely yuri all the way.

This anime is not for everyone, pretty much only yuri fans and fans of cute girls doing sports stuff would definitely enjoy this.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Following the success of Made in Abyss, another anime with kids as main protagonists premiered this fall season.

As mentioned in the synopsis, this series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the 2 MC’s travel and they are the ones left. the premise is really sad, but at the same time, the atmosphere of the series is cute and comforting. The series kinda feels like a slice-of-life type without any hints of negative feelings. It might have some drama later on, but I doubt that it would be big. Definitely a good series to watch.


Those are all the series I am going to watch weekly.

I have all the time in the world!!


I’m watching too many series. Hahaha!

Still, there are some fall animes that I haven’t watched yet. Those are:

Himouto! Umaru-chan R
Gintama.: Porori-hen
3-gatsu no lion S2
Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou
Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season
UQ Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2
Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru Yuusha no Shou

I haven’t seen or finish their previous seasons or movies,so I can’t really watch them yet.


Overall, this season is an enjoyable one and I can’t wait to finish all of these series before the year ends.


Dab it bruh!

That is all.

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