Halloween Anime Marathon Special!!!

1st Halloween Anime Marathon Special!!!

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Yo! Sirius here!!

I have an announcement!!!

I will be having my first-ever Halloween Anime Marathon Special!!

Sorry for the lousy title, I’m not really good at making them. Lol.

After many canceled and moved projects of mine, finally, I have a legit proper one. I’m more prepared as ever compared to my previous projects. Yeeeeeeee!!!

About this project, it’s pretty much the title, I watched a bunch of Halloween feel animes and will share my thoughts about it for a span of 4 days, October 30 – November 2.

What will be the animes?

Well, if you guys had been following me on my social media, then you guys might’ve caught on to some of my hints and clues. Hehe.

I do want to share that most of the animes I watched for this marathon doesn’t consist of animes that are legit scary, it’s more of a mix of different kinds of genres that would be nice to watch during the Halloween.

As this project of mine starts on Oct. 30, this doesn’t mean my usual posting would be disturb. It won’t be. I will still continue to post the usual on Tuesdays and Thursdays, except on the mentioned days for the project.

Now that I clarified everything, its all set.

I think that’s it.

As this is my first ever legit proper project, I hope you guys would support it.

Before I end things, don’t forget to support me through Ko-Fi.

This has been Will Sirius and enjoy!!

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