The mediocre Netflix Anime Originals

12 Days of Anime: The mediocre Netflix Anime Originals

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For today’s entry, I want to criticize about something. Specifically, the Netflix Anime Originals.

I am not talking about the animes that was added by Netflix, I meant the animes that were produced by Netflix. Hence, literally, the Netflix anime originals.

Last year, Netflix produced Devilman Crybaby, Castlevania and Aggretsuko. They were top notch and were really popular to us, fans, and casual viewers. It’s because of this, the streaming company seemed to have find a golden mine. Netflix saw how lucrative the Anime industry was, they had been investing alot to them. Personally, I would have no problem with this. I am very very happy that they did this. However, just like what they did to other mediums of entertainment in their streaming site, the animes they produced were mostly…MEDIOCRE…at best.

It’s…very disappointing.

Anime Originals

In a span of 2 years, they sure released a lot of netflix anime originals, it’s outstanding. Lel. 

Because of time constraint and lack of time on my part, I will be featuring only few series here as they were the only anime originals that I got to finished (grudgingly) on time.

First up would be Lost Song.

Long Song was a bummer, it had pretty much everything I would like in that kind of anime. I mean, it has cute characters, singing, and fantasy elements…what could go wrong??

The mediocre Netflix Anime Originals

Uuuhhhh…the anime crashed and burned because of its bad storytelling, low effort animation and lack of worldbuilding. I really don’t want to go on technical here, but this series really disappoint me. I mean, even for a mediocre anime, I would have atleast have some enjoyment from it, but no, I was bored most of the time while watching this series. And that is really sad.

Next netflix anime originals that I got to finished watching was 7 Seeds.

WTF is this series? I don’t understand much of it. I mean, I get some bits and pieces but pretty much the plot was hanging in the air, I don’t understand anymore. Bruh, for this year, this is the hardest anime to watch.

I haven’t seen much yet, but the rest of the original animes on Netflix aren’t really promising, so I dunno if I could really watch them at all. But I’ll still try.

CG Animation and Better Series

This is not really a criticism or anything, I just noticed this quite alot while skimming through Netflix.

It seems most of the netflix anime originals were CG animation. Like I said yesterday, I have no hard feelings for it anymore, but I guess, these info gave me an idea that most of the animes released by Netflix are rushed. I mean, it is common knowledge by now that CG animation is very useful because it is a lot more efficient and easy to produce compared to drawing everything by hand.

It is here where I want to them to change. Okay, I can handle CG animes, but please, choose better anime plots to adapt. There is still alot of lightnovels and mangas out there waiting to be discovered and be adapt.

I know that there might be people out there that enjoys these netflix anime originals, and I have nothing against your taste, I just want them to choose better ones next time.


Overall, let me say again that I am not against netflix funding alot of anime productions because that would only mean more anime to watch for me and it gives more jobs to japanese workers. However, that doesn’t mean I would not point out the stuff where they could still improve, mainly the choosing of the right animes to produce. They know how to do this, I mean, they greenlit Devilman Crybaby and Aggretsuko, that pretty much show that they can choose better ones too.

Hoping for better releases next year.

The mediocre Netflix Anime Originals


Sirius here.

This one is quite short and my ideas are all over the place. Lol. It’s not like Netflix would even listen to my thoughts. Hahahaha.

Anyway, today is the 5th day of animes 2019. We are barely finishing the first half of the project. Oh man…such a journey. Hahahahah.

There were alot of problems these past few days. Again, I’ll try not to make them anymore. Continue to look forward for my future releases.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!


  1. ThatRandomEditor Permalink

    I agree with what you said here. Not only that a majority of Netflix anime tend to be Sci-fi, Survival, Action, with settings catered to the international audience and mostly aimed for the casual viewers and not even those who are familiar with anime. It’s gatekeeping, for the lack of a better word. Is anyone still familiar with the anime B: The Beginning? That drew me in because of how it presented itself but it felt like I watched a filler series rather than something worth watching. Even I’m not looking forward to seeing the sequel of it.

    Also by the way, I wasn’t able to see your recent posts reader app for some reason. I had to click this from your Twitter. Weirdly enough I still follow you.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      I haven’t seen B the beginning but my friend already gave his 2 cents about it and he mentioned how mediocre the series was. 😅
      I still plan on watching it though as I am a sucker for crime drama series hahahaah.
      With the reader…well…wordpress doesn’t seem to adore my website that much and they keep on skipping my entries…
      I do try to spread the word as much as I can through my socials.

  2. Jon Spencer Permalink

    I agree that a lot of the Netflix original stuff is pretty disappointing. It’s kind of become a series on my site to some extent. However, I really liked Lost Song, so boooooo! XD


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