Personal Taste in Animes

12 Days of Anime: Personal Taste in Animes

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Each one of us have different taste in animes.

Some of us love ecchi, others prefer action animes only, and few people love to see iyashikei. Because of this, we all haveo ur own set of opinions on different animes.

For today’s 12 Days of Anime entry, I will be sharing to you guys my taste in anime and how it changes over time.

In my early beginnings as an anime fan, I was pretty much lax in choosing which anime to watch as I never have a specific genre to watch. Internet and online streaming wasn’t a big thing back then, I only see anime on TV. Whatever they offer to me, that would be the animes I consume. Hence, my so called “taste” never developed…yet.

If I were to specify when, I think it was around the time I came back to the fandom (2013) after being too consumed with other mediums of media. It was around that time I realized how vast and wide the anime world was. There were too many animes out there, I want to watch them all.

As I watch from one anime to another, I developed a huge love for slice of life, gore, romance comedy, action and psychological animes. I also came to adore greatly the ecchi harem animes.

In other words, I can pretty much say I watch everything.

Personal Taste in Animes


Over time, I did notice some changes on my watching.

The animes I watch were mostly mediocre or animes that were forgotten by everybody. I don’t really know why I prioritize them over the popular and mainstream ones…but I do.

Bruh, I can honestly say to you guys that I haven’t watched Cowboy Bebop, FLCL, Naruto and even Full Metal Alchemist.

Even though, in terms of years and knowledge in anime, I could say I am on the level of an elitist, but I don’t watch animes most elitists watch like the Monogatari series, Serial Experiments Lain, Tatami Galaxy and others.

It’s because of this shit taste of mine, I even question if I am an anime fan to begin with. I mean, most of the people I meet can’t relate much to the animes I spazz about as they don’t know they even exist.

This is very evident here on my blog. Most of the animes I review were either mediocre or hidden gems. Hence, less exposure.

It’s a bit frustrating to me.

Coincidently, Gigguk released a video about how much he loves bad animes. Believe me, I didn’t plan this at all, I didn’t expect he would post a video that is connected to mine. Fate sure like to play games.

Gigguk expressed how even with alot of good animes out there, it only depends on you on which animes you watch. Maybe other people would consider your taste bad and meh, as long as you enjoy and watch the series you want to watch then you are good.

The video, in some ways, comforted me.

It not only helped me reach a conclusion, it also made me realize that I enjoy what I am doing. Not being able to enjoy the very thing that makes me happy would be devastating. Yes, I am mostly watching forgotten and mediocre animes, and this might not be a popular thing to do. BUT I ENJOY IT and I’ll keep on doing this.

Of course, I will also watch the mainstream and popular animes, but in the future..when I want to watch them. That way, I would be able to enjoy them to the fullest.

After all, anime were made for us to enjoy and love.

Yo! Sirius here.

Oh man, there’s only 4 days to go before Christmas. Time sure fly so fast.

As this is the 2nd half of the 12 Days of Anime, I tried making entries that are a bit serious and covers not only what was happening this year, 2019.

As a new decade would start in less than 2 weeks, I will be sharing more about my thoughts about the last 10 years and the future.


That is all for today.

This has been Will Sirius. Thank you!!!

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