12 Days of Anime: I went to ARCHCON 2019

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A new day, a new entry.

For today, I will be sharing to you guys my overall thoughts when I went to an anime convention here in my city, ARCHCON 2019.

ArchCon is one of the few conventions here in my place that caters to the geeks, hobbyists, and anime lovers. They had been going strong over the years.

I could still remember the day when I first attended the convention, I was still a first year as a Psych Major. The event was held in the open grounds of a mall, and I was doing my daily groceries. I was really shocked seeing people on cosplay walking casually. Lel. I eventually checked out the event, with barely enough money, and damn…it was paradise.

A lot of stuff was happening in the event, cosplay contest, a lot of stores of anime goods and art…I was blown away. I was really tempted to buy stuff. But yeah, I don’t have money. RIP me.

Since then, I keep on reminding myself to set aside some money to buy stuff during convention. However, I never returned to ArchCon…until now.

I had been attending anime conventions ever since I got into anime again around 2013, but I was attending different cons. Never Archcon.

Why, you ask?

Well, the reason for that would be money.

Archcon is usually held around October or November, and for some point, I already dont have enough money to buy goods at that season.

So yeah, this year was my grand comeback to ArchCon.

For this year, I not only went all out in buying the stuff I want, I also took a lot of pics during the event.

If you have been following me on my socials, specifically my Instagram, then you guys would have seen the pics I took during the convention. However, most of them were unedited and I save the best ones here on entry. Heh.

To start off, here are the pictures I took of some cosplayers.

Please don’t mind the bad angles of the pictures. I’m not really used to taking pictures of people, especially cosplayers, using this new phone of mine. I’ll try to do better next year.

Other than the cosplayers, I also got a chance to take pictures of figurines and other events at the convention.

For a span of 2 days, I bought of a lot of goods. And yeah, this made me broke for awhile. Lol. But it was all worth it.

I never got a chance to take pictures at the artists section because I want to preserve their privacy.

Interestingly, I found a schoolmate at the artist panel. I supported him buy buying his stuff and they’re quite good too. I’m so happy for him, he was able to pursue his passion in arts.

There were alot of figurines too that were displayed. I took some pics of them and too bad, they are not for sale.

They look so COOL!!! I really want to buy them, but uuugghhhh…I dont have money and space for them.

However, there was an anime character that I couldn’t get over with. In the end, I bought it.


Cuz I love Umi of Love Live.


I am very happy to be able to attend this convention. I mean, I have been waiting for this moment to come that’s why I went all out and buy the stuff I wanted.

Unfortunately, my wallet suffered. Hahahahaha.

I don’t regret it though.

I’ll definitely do this again.

Yo!!! Sirius here.


Told ya there would be a lot of pictures here.

This entry had been on my drafts for awhile now, not knowing when would be the right time to release it. As this was an important moment for me as an anime fan, I decided to add this entry here on 12 Days of Anime.

I hope you guys enjoy this.

I guess, that’s it.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!


This was me going to the convention. Hahahaha. I didn’t wear anything related to anime because….uuuhhhh…they were all in the dryer. Lol.

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