12 Days of Anime: My Feelings for Kyoto Animation

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Yo!! Sirius here.

For this 3rd Day, I will be going on a more serious mode and share some personal feelings to you guys.

As you all are aware, something tragic had struck our anime community mid-2019. That was when Kyoto Animation, the studio that brought us K-On, Violet Evergarden and A Silent Voice was attacked by arson. A lot of people died and this pretty much broke my heart.

If you guys had been following me from the beginning then you guys already know how much of a fangirl I am of KyoAni. I mean, majority of the animes on my top 10 favorite anime list consists of KyoAni series, I just love their outputs so much.

That’s why it was really disheartening witnessing this tragic event, I was having a hard time processing everything that had happen at that time. Sigh…

Hence, me not being able to make any posts about it.

But now, let me express my love for the studio. It’s, I guess, my way of paying tribute to those who perish in the incident and express how grateful I was with everything they’ve done to me, as a fan, to this point.

Kyoto Animation has a special place in my heart.

Ever since I got to watch the animes they released, I knew that this studio is special. Alot of what they put out became a favorite of mine. I dunno why, they are just my cup of tea.

If I were to share when all of this started, it was around late 2000’s, the boom of visual novel animes. Yep, my first taste of KyoAni was both Kanon and Clannad. Both animes taught me that even 2D animated characters could moved me to the core. I was a mess after watching them. Even though I was still young while watching them, I was able to learn and understand fully the emotions the characters felt all throughout the series. It made me realized how powerful an animated series could be, and I want to thank KyoAni for that.

My Feelings for Kyoto Animation

It around my last year in high school when I discovered K-On. At this time, I didn’t know KyoAni made the anime, I chose to watch this series because the character designs were really really cute and I love music. At first, K-On was an anime I enjoyed watching weekly as a filler to my every mundane life. Little did I realize was that as I was going through life and becoming mature with everything I experience in real life, I also witnessed the characters grow in front of my eyes. I wasn’t able to notice this immediately as I wasn’t fully paying attention much to everything as the series was mundane af. But after doing a second watch, in preparation for the 2nd season, I actually cried this time, appreciating the growth of the characters all throughout the series. Damn, I never knew Slice of Life anime could be this good. It was mindblowing for me as I was more into action at this time.

It was also around this time when I decided to check out the cult classic, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I first got introduced to this series from a way back, after seeing random episodes of the series on Animax Asia. My initial impressions for it that the animation looked a bit familiar and the series was weird. The episodes I watched were really random and I couldn’t comprehend properly the plot. It took me awhile to fully check this anime as I was pretty much have forgotten the series, except for Haruhi. I dunno why but she was unforgettable. Her undeniable confidence was a delight to watch. Yeah, after seeing the whole series, I know she’s not really a good role model, but I still find her really appealing. I admired her confidence and her defiant attitude as I want to atleast have a fraction of it for myself.

It took me awhile before I got to watch another KyoAni anime. It was around this time when I went through a lot of shizzzzzz. I was in and out of depression and I pretty much drown myself to animes. From action to gore animes, I watched them. For some change of pace, I decided to watch Hyouka.

Hyouka changed me. It opened my eyes to some realizations which I didn’t expect at all. I relate very much to Oreki, that it was weird already. What made me love this series would be its story and characters. Just like K-On, the growth of the characters and their interaction with each other was really admirable. As I see alot of myself with Oreki, I felt like I grew alongside with him. It made me want to try and reach out for that rose-colored dream.

My Feelings for Kyoto Animation

Another series that moved me greatly was Hibike Euphonium. This series is so precious to me, you guys have no idea. Lol. I love this series for alot of reasons. I love it for its music, its characters, its story, and the dynamic relationship of Kumiko and Reina.

Yeah, I am a shipper of the two of them. Can’t help it, their chemistry and moments together were outstanding, it’s amazing.

But anyway, like in Hyouka, I greatly relate to the main character, Kumiko. Like her, I tend to be a bystander for other people, pretty much settled with whatever that was handed to me. However, seeing Kumiko grow from it and want to be better, to be special…I felt that. It made me realized that I should too.

In 2016, A Silent Voice was released. Yes, the anime movie of that year was Your Name, but I still prefer the former over the latter.

A Silent Voice was a movie I didn’t expect I needed to watch. It tackled a topic I pretty much tried to move on from. At this time, I was already in a good place, and was already about to graduate from my degree in Psychology.

Watching the film was both painful and enlighting for me, as it reminded me of my hard times during my depressed days and reminded me that it is possible to overcome it. Yes, overcoming it would be a daunting task and it takes a lot of effort, but with the support of the people we care about, it is achievable.

The recent KyoAni series that struck my heartstrings would be Violet Evergarden. I already made a post about how much I love this series so I won’t make this longer. Like the other KyoAni animes, it was its story and characters that made me adore this show. Not only we see the character grow infront of our eyes, we also got to see the peak of KyoAni’s hardwork in terms of animation. Violet Evergarden is a beautiful masterpiece.

There are still alot of amazing KyoAni works that I wasn’t able to talk about here, but all I know is that they are all worth checking out.

KyoAni animes have an amazing appeal to them. Not only you see beautiful art and fluid animation, you also see how much effort the production team put into their every piece. And because of this, I greatly appreciate all their hard work.

What KyoAni experienced this year was really tragic, a lot of amazing and talented people had died. But I know their effort did not come to waste as they had inspired countless of people around the world. Whether you are a fan of their work or not, everyone united and show alot of love and support to the studio.

Right now, KyoAni is recovering.

Yes, its possible that they might not match the quality they use to have. I pretty much don’t care about that. I just want them not to stop making shows that is full of passion and love for the art.

After all, that’s pretty much the reason why I became a fan of them.

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It took me awhile to finish this post as I keep on editing it, not realizing I was over the time. Lel.

Anyway, I hope you guys would still enjoy this. I’ll try to release the next entries a bit early next time hahahaha.

This has been Will Sirius and thanks for reading!!

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