12 Days of Anime: Anime’s Impact in over a Decade

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Over the past two days, I shared the standouts animes and the ones I missed in over a decade. Today, I will be talking about the anime’s impact, to us and to the world, in over a decade.

I think everyone noticed by now that anime seemed to be more mainstream now than ever before. And I think the main reason for the would be the availability of the animes.

We can now watch the animes immediately after it airs in Japan. Whether it’s legal or illegal, all of us find ways because now…we can.

Personally, anime had a significant impact on my life. Not only it was there to help me escape IRL stuff, but it teaches me life lessons too which I didn’t expect I would receive. I mean, it made me go on an existential crisis and made me understand myself more than I thought I would.

It’s amazing.

For sure, anime had impacted you in different ways too. I dunno how it affected you, but all I know is that it helped you guys, like me, to be who you are today.


Let us not be too sentimental. I want to be able to end my 12 Days of Anime on a good note, especially it is about to be Christmas Day in a couple of hours.

In a span of 10 years, anime had a lot of milestones and memorable moments. I want to try and highlight them here on my entry.

(Author’s note: There might be a chance that I might’ve forgotten some moments, just…please bear with me. I’m only human and I cant take note every single thing that happened. If ever I missed something, please do mention it in the comments section.)

The first highlight I want to share would be Your Name.

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name was something…no one expected it to be really really good. I mean, the anime fans already know about Shinkai’s works. From his bittersweet 5 centimetres per second to the ever visually eye-melting Garden of Words, everyone expects to see another good movie. But what we got last 2016, was a spectacular one.

It not only captured the hearts of the anime fans, but also the casual viewers of movies. IT WAS THAT GOOD.

your name

It’s impact on the world made anime shine in a good light in front of the normies, and as an otaku, that made me happy. Yes, it may not be a perfect masterpiece, it was able to move a lot of hearts and feelings all over the world, and that is more important.

Another impact that I want to highlight would be the entrance of Netflix.

The mediocre Netflix Anime Originals

I really don’t want to repeat myself again and again about Netflix’s anime content as I already featured it in one of my 12 Days of Anime post, but I do want to point out the positive impact of the content’s existence. Even though they have a mediocre level of anime originals, Netflix was also able to add a lot of good, mainstream and popular animes in their platform, which let the normies see the shows too.

It also helped us, anime fans, see animes in a “legal” way. LOL.

Speaking of legalities, another impact of anime all over the world would be the availability of anime & manga.

Before the 2010’s, there were alot of illegal sites to watch anime and read manga. I mean, I used to use them before. Lol.

With the rise of anime to the mainstream world, a lot of illegal sites were then taken down or had been risen up to be a legit legal site (*ehem* Crunchyroll*ehem*). There is also an increasing number of ways to be able to access legit copies of mangas (like Bookwalker). It’s amazing.


Of course, this is due to the evolution of the internet. It made everything easy and available, anywhere and everywhere.

Other than this, I had also noticed the increasing demand for mangas.

Yes, reading in the phone is nice and all, but being able to own and collect all the volumes of your favorite manga felt like a dream before, but now, very reachable because of its availability.

A lot of manga titles are now distributed all over the world, even though most of them are not that popular. Even the light novels get this kind of treatment, and as a fan of this stuff, I AM SO DELIGHTED.


Though, personally, it’s still kinda hard for me to be able to get a copy because its hella expensive here in my place.

Oh well.

Lastly, the last impact of anime that I want to highlight would be the increase of other countries’ animation.

Even when we were still young, we had watched a lot of western animation. These animations tend to target only kids.

However, the recent animated movies that were released seemed to be more for everyone. For example, Frozen 2. The movie was made not only to please the younger audience but also the older fans too. It tackled some deep themes while at the same time maintaining a child-friendly content. For me, it’s similar to animes.

Anime may not be the direct reason as to why the western animation became good, but I think at least it may have influenced it a bit.

I also want to point out the rise of Asian animes.

I know China is a different kind of giant, but they sure like to release tons and tons of anime series too.

I don’t really watch them much as the animation is a bit, not my taste, and I am not used to its language, it’s still amazing to see the development of their animation industry. From being mostly an outsource for the Japanese anime studios, they were able to make their own series.


It’s not just China, even here in the Philippines, my home country, I had been seeing a lot of one-shot animation pieces made by Filipinos. Most of them are still lacking, but I know they’ll improve.

I can really tell this rise was impacted by anime because you can clearly see it from the art style and how the animation was made. Definitely, an anime-inspired work.

As 2019 is coming to an end, we can definitely say that in over a decade, anime’s influence was tremendous.

I also know that it impacts won’t just stop this year, it will definitely continue in the next years to come.

So yeah, let’s continue to love and enjoy anime.

Yo!! Sirius here.

Another long post, though I am not sure if I wrote this entry right.

Oh well.

As today is the last day before Christmas, let me greet you all in advance, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

I hope all of you guys are enjoying the holidays.

This has been Will Sirius and stay tuned for tomorrow!!

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