5 Animes I recently dropped.

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Yo Everyone! Sirius here.

Christmas is coming and I’m feeling it already. Ooohoohhoohoh. But before we reach the 25th Day of the month, I want to do a little project.

As you can see, there are so many people doing the “12 Days Anime” thingy. As a not-so-new blogger here in WordPress, I have no idea what kind of challenge/project was the 12 days thingy. I also wanted to try it myself, but…I lost track of time. Lol. I couldn’t accomplish the “12 days of anime” if I start now. Hahahahaha.

So I thought of something different instead. For the remaining days until christmas (5 days), I’m planning on sharing to you guys a list of 5 shows in different topics everyday. Exciting, right? In this way, you’ll get to know me alot better (I think). And I also wanted to do something different from the other bloggers. Ooohohohoho.


This mini-project will start today.

If you read the title, then you already have an idea what I’m about to share to you all. Yes, its about the 5 animes I recently dropped. I am going to share to you what animes they are, what episode did I stop, and why I drop them. That way you’ll understand my taste….I guess.

Anyway, here is the list of animes I recently dropped:

Hajimete no Gal

Last seen episode: 2nd episode

Sigh, why did I watch this again? Ah, it was because of the english dub. Yeah…..right. Bad move on my part. I thought of giving this anime a chance to redeem itself. Maybe, just maybe, it would be bearable to watch if its in english dub. But it was not. It was still bad. Compared to the other ecchi harem animes out there, this anime can’t be saved even in dub. It was that bad, no matter what.

Evil or Live

Last seen episode: 3rd episode

I had already dropped this anime a month ago after watching the first episode. But cuz of my curiosity, I tried to re-watch this again, like Hajimete no Gal, I had hoped that maybe it might be “good” after the first episode. Ha.ha.ha.ha. Another bad move on my part. It was still bad. The interesting premise can’t be saved.


Infini-T Force

Last seen episode: 1st half of the 2nd episode

…I thought that I would like this series, but nah, it was boring. Like REALLY BORING. I was actually interested by the premise and the animation, but bruh, it was a disappointment. The characters acts too awkwardly, the story-telling was too stagnant. Though I did like the fighting scenes and the opening song, it was not enough to keep my interest high and make me watch more of the series.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu

Last seen episode: 3/4 of the 1st episode.

Its been awhile since I actually found an anime that I despise greatly. Yeah, its this anime. I hate everything about this series. Okay, maybe “hate” is too harsh. I dislike this anime to the core. Okay, thats better. From the get-go, I was already hesitant in watching this anime. I still dive in anyway, Another bad choice on my part. Lackluster action, guy turning into a “mahou shoujo” girl, bad english dub, eeewwww animation and absurd premise. Its really bad. I couldn’t even finish the first episode, bruh, its a testament of how much I dislike this anime.

Air Master

Last seen episode: 2nd episode


Who made this crap?!?!?! This is a bad anime. Like, REALLY REALLY BAD. I wanted to drop this after the first episode. But, like always, I gave it another try. I know this is an old anime, so I tried to understand its shortcomings and give the anime a chance. But this anime was sooooooo hard to watch. The art was of course outdated, I totally understand. It was the animation during the fighting scenes, it was so bad I had to close my eyes and unsee the stuff in the screen. It was hard to watch.


I still have a long list of animes to watch, so my dropped anime list might get longer later on. That can’t be helped, bad animes always comes alongside with the good ones. All the stuff I expressed above are my opinions, so please do understand. As always, I tried not to curse my heart and soul out of this entry. I wanted my entries to be ‘presentable’. Lol.

I want to hear more of your thoughts. What are you recently dropped animes? Comment them down below.


Thanks for reading.

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