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12 Days of Anime: Top 24 Favorite Animes of All Time

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Yo! We are on the 2nd to the last day of the 12 Days of Anime annual project. I thought I should change some pace from the usual entries I make. Heh.

For this entry, I will be sharing to you an update to my top favorite animes of all time. I made a similar post last year, I think around the the I started this blog. It was a top 10, and it has alot of changes. To be at least different from the norm, I will be sharing my top 24 favorite animes of all time.

Why 24 you ask?

Well, One thing is today is December 24. Another reason is I’m already 24 years old, as of writing this entry. But the main reason of mine is I want to make something different. Usually, we see this kinds of list in 10s, 15, 20s, 50s, 100s…always in the house of 5. Lol. Also, 24 is one of my favorite number. This long list would definitely show you guys my wide variety of favs. Yes, you might find some notable animes on my list, but I do also have some interesting ones too. Ooohohhooh.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this any longer.

To begin, I’ll start from the bottom (#24), to the top (#01). I’ll also give some comments and my reasoning as to why they are in my fav list. Atleast you’ll know why I like them.

Oh boii…this is going to be long.

#24 The iDOLM@STER franchise
Hahahaha. I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this one would make the cut. When I got introduced to the idol animes, I first liked Wake Up, Girls and then Love Live!, but it was this franchise, The iDOLM@STER, that made me love the idol genre as a whole. What I like about it is the semi-realistic portrayal of what an idol struggles in the entertainment industry. I admit, there were some exaggerated or too optimistic parts of the franchise, still, its the closest we could get. As a huge fan of 3D Idols for years, it makes me happy to see this kinds of animes too. Unfortunately, this anime is not on the top of my list because compared to Love Live’s music, this franchise is lacking alot impact. Lel.

#23 Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata
Well, there is only one reason why this anime is on my list. It is because of best girl, Kato Megumi. That’s all.

#22 JoJo’s Bizarre Adeventure
You guys must be disappointed seeing Jojo here in the lower end of my list. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jojo. I really do. But I haven’t been watching any Jojo lately. The last time was like…2 years ago? I will try and make up for it now that I have a copy of Diamond is Unbreakable BD. For sure, this anime will climb up to the top. Ooohohhoho.

#21 Fate/kaleid liner prisma Illya
Even though I am not a fan of the Fate series or even tried to start watching it, I pretty much know the basic knowledge of the Fate franchise. So yeeeee!! Watching this anime was entertaining. Not even a single season was disappointing to me. I mean, it has yuri, action, comedy, drama, you name it! I really love this show.

#20 Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Out of all the gundam animes I had watched (not part of UC), Gundam 00 is the best out there. It had everything I looked for for a mecha series. The last time I watched this one was like years ago, but I can still feel the intensity and my amazement of this series. For sure, if ever I rewatch this one, it will climb up on my list.

#19 Full Metal Panic franchise
Yeeeee!! After I revisit the franchise, I got reminded as to why I love this series in the first place. It had everything I wanted from an anime and it can’t be replicated.

#18 Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
This franchise was phenomenal. It literally changed my life. I first watch this one, alongside Death note and for some point, I was more in awe by how crazy this anime was over Death note. Lol. This anime was one of the reasons I stayed an anime fan. And the movie sequel was one of the best that was ever made.

#17 Slow Start
Ooohohohoh… A new anime. Yep. I didn’t expect this anime would be this high on my list, but it deserves it. The amount of feels I got from watching this show is unreplaceable, and those feels will remain in my heart.

#16 Sket Dance
One of the animes I watched after my depression and this anime saved me. Every single episode was a blast, and its really really funny. This anime helped me alot during my transition days, and until now, I still love this anime very much. I know peepz would think that this anime is a tone down version or a school life version of Gintama, and i should watch the latter instead. I will get eventually to it, but now, I totally appreciate this gem.

#15 Psycho Pass
I think everyone knows how awesome Psycho pass is. When I first watched this few years ago, I was blown away by it. From its dystopian world to its justic system, it was everything I didn’t expect I needed from an anime. With the 3 movies coming, I might give this one a rewatch and i might fell in love again with this franchise. And yes, I also do appreciate the 2nd season. Lel.

#14 A place further than the Universe
Another new anime. Yep.
My review of this isn’t out yet, so I can’t really say much about it here. Just know that the level of feels I got from this series is through the roof. This anime is amazing, and it deserves alot of praise for an original story. I…just love this series.

#13 To Aru Majutsu no Index
I’ll be honest, this anime was supposed to be on the bottom of my list, but I recently rewatched it cuz of the revival of the franchise. It also revived my love for this series. I have plans on releasing a review, so I won’t be spilling much of feels. I guess, I just love the spin-off better compared to this one because its story is alot more linear. There is still a chance for this one to rise up in the list, after all, I just finished the S1 and will proceed on the next seasons.

#12 Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
Who doesn’t love Oregairu. When I first saw this anime, I immediately got hooked with it and even tried to read the source materials. I love the story, the characters, their personalities, their dialogues, and everything about the series. It’s just…I haven’t seen this one in a while, so it can’t be helped that this one dropped in ranks.

#11 Baby Steps
One of the best sports animes I had ever seen. I, myself, is a tennis player so this anime is so dear to me. It portrayed the sport, tennis, in the most realistic view, which made me so happy.

#10 Koe no Katachi
This movie moved me very much and is very dear to me. I relate heavily to its themes and what the characters had gone through. Watching this movie was like a rollercoaster of emotions, and I never felt liked that in any kind of movie.

#09 Card Captor Sakura
This anime used to be my number 2 in this list. Believe me, I am a die-hard CCS fan. I LOVE THE SERIES TO DEATH. But like the other animes on my list, its been awhile since I had seen CCS, though I do have plans on rewatching it, along with the movies, now that I acquired a BD copy of the 2nd season.

#08 Soukyuu no Fafner
Oohohoh… One of the stable fav animes on my list.
This is a mecha anime franchise that I love very much. This was definitely imperfect in alot of ways. But there was something in this anime that I can’t find in other mecha animes. I had invested alot of emotions to this series, and I don’t think there would be any other mecha anime that could top this one.

#07 Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Another stable fav anime.
This anime is like no other. This was something I didn’t expect I would love very much. It not only have girls fighting the hell out of each other, they also sing at the same time. The action is amazing and in every season, it keeps on getting better and better. I just love this series.

#06 Hyouka
I adore this anime very much. All the characters are really likeable, and their development all through out the series was outstanding. The overall visuals of this series was also amazing. But my main reason for loving this anime is definitely Hiroki x Chitanda ship. That’s it. XD

#05 K-On
I don’t think this anime would ever leave my top 10. My love for K-On is endless. Yes, its the one that introduced me to the MOE genre, and it is a cute girls doing cute things anime. But I don’t care, I love everything about this series and I won’t stop loving this anime til’ the end of time.

#04 Violet Evergarden
The last new entry to my list. Being the top best anime of this year, what more should I show to you guys how much I love this anime?
Its the feels, man. Its the feels.

#03 Hibike Euphonium
I have no words to describe how much I love this anime. To be honest, I really thought K-On would be my all time favorite Kyo-Ani anime, but this anime is on a different level. From the characters, to its story and how everything was delivered… its like no other anime out there.

#02 To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
With me watching the Railgun right now, totally expected this would be in number 2. Like I said, this spin-off is soooo much better than the Index. But my overall reason for LOVING this anime very hard is my BEST GURL, Misaka Mikoto.

#01 Detective Conan
Oh boooiiii… Still in number one, huh.
Detective Conan had been my fav since…uuuhhh… I was young. I just love this series. From the episodic episodes to the epic movies, I can’t stop loving this show. No matter what, this is my number 1.

That was long.
Well, as you can see from my list, my taste is pretty mediocre. My list is not amazing like any out there, but yeah, just deal with it. Heh.

You might have noticed the abundance of Kyo-Ani animes on my list, especially most of them are high ranking, well, Kyo-Ani is my favorite studio so its a no biggie that I love love love love their works.

Well, I admit, I didn’t expect my list would turn out to be like this. Alot of animes got low ranks just because I haven’t seen them in a long time. And some are new entries, and other had risen up big time. After all, this list represents 2018. We will see if this list would change drastically by 2019. Hehehhehe.

Anyway, thanks for checking this long post of mine.
Feel free to comment about my list down below.
Thanks for reading!!


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    seryoso, mas maganda violet evergarden kesa hyouka?paano? as in, legit mas maganda xa? di ko makapaniwala hahahahaha
    and lol, sabi ko dami recent and then boom, conan number 1. xD

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      hahahahahaha XD
      Well, compared to hyouka, I recently rewatched (3x, sub, dub and sub BD) yung Violet evergarden so kinda malapit xa sa puso ko XD
      And also, Violet Evergarden is above hyouka because of its compelling story. Violet’s quest to understand the word “I love you” hits me more hard than Hyouka’s story. Pero yeah, I might change my list later on once I rewatch them. Hahahahahhahah
      Alam mo namang may forever diba?? Forever na yang Conan dyan sa number 1 spot hahahahahah


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