12 Days of Anime: Slice of Life animes are literally giving me Life

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I had been very open here on my blog about my love for Slice of life animes since the very beginning of my blog. It is that type of genre that never once failed to give me feels and enjoyment.

If you had been reading my entries these past 12 Days of Anime’s, then you know that I pretty much didn’t watch most of my “planned” animes, like ecchi and yuri animes. That’s because I wasted my time to cater my craving for Slice of life animes. I do regret not watching my other fav genres of animes, but the Slice of life animes gave something to me that is irreplaceable. To be honest, I can’t really explain it much, but if I try to put it into words…

Slice of life literally gives me life and push me to move forward.

Alot of stuff happened to me this year. I got a job in the first quarter of the year, but then I went back to being a NEET for the rest of the year while reviewing for my licensure exam. I was literally high on emotions all through out 2018. One of the reasons that kept me afloat and sane are the sootheness of Slice of life animes, especially the moe ones. These animes never fails to make me smile, and give me lighthearted feels like no other. And that makes me so happy.

Another thing about Slice of Life animes are their relatable moments. Even though most of the scenarios and storylines doesn’t really match up with real life, its the main points and message that comforts me. Like in Violet Evergarden, we learnt what love is because it was taught to us and we also see it through the visual presentation and stories we read. But Violet never had that, so in her journey in learning what love is, we also get to learn and understand along with her. Another example is a SoL animes I haven’t released my review yet, Hanasaku Iroha. In that anime, it showed us how life would throw alot of curveball to us, making us go ut of our comfort zones and not know what to do. Still, we need to work hard, grow, learn, persevere and have a purpose.

It’s these types of anime that makes me feel comforted and gives me boost to try again, to stand up against my own endeavors in my own mudane life. I know I’m emphasizing Slice of life animes too much, after all, you can also get these stuff from other animes too. But, I guess, SoL animes affected me the most. We all have different preferences, and I think, right now, I’m very much into Slice of Live animes. Heh.

But believe me, watching SoL animes consecutively might not be a good idea. Its at that time you would feel bored and to a point, might dislike SoL animes. So I suggest to vary the genres as much as possible. That’s what I do, though I failed horribly with ecchi animes and yuri, I won’t make this mistake again next year.

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!!


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    Slice of Life has a lot of great things about it. Awesome post, and I would say that Slice of Life is probably my overall favorite genre too.


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