12 Days of Anime: Watching seasonal animes is a hassle

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It was around the time I got into university and studied Psychology when I first learnt about the existence of “seasonal animes”. At that time, illegal anime sites were the predominant place to hang out and watch animes. Before, I only watch animes I had chosen from my backlog and binge them, I didn’t know that I can watch the ongoing animes weekly.

Since then, I watch all the anime episodes every week. I enjoyed it. It was through it too when I started connecting with my fellow anime lovers online by chatting with them, ranting with them, and theorizing about the seasonal animes. It made me feel like I’m part of a big community where I can express my love for anime. It made me feel fulfilled and was “in” with everyone.


This year, alot had changed.

Around the first quarter of the year, I got hired to a job which hindered my watching of weekly animes. I can’t keep up with the schedules anymore and just binging the episodes whenever I have time. Well, I’ve done this before whenever I get busy with school, but it’s literally worse this year. Before, I could watch most of the animes weekly, then the rest are on binge. But on the first quarter of the year, I could only watch Violet evergarden weekly. The rest…well, they got binged whenever I have time. Not only that, I started wathcing more and more backlog animes as I enjoy them more over the seasonal ones.

I did regain my watching schedule after I quit my job to focus on my review for boards. I thought I would go back to my old ways and continue watching weekly. But I didn’t.

I got even more into binging animes from my backlog, especially now that most of my backlog animes are in BD/DVD. Which means, I can enjoy and criticize them in their fullest form. Because of this, I drift further and further away from seasonal animes.

Around the summer season, I wasn’t watching seasonal animes weekly anymore. I pretty much binge the episodes whenever I have time. That’s why most of my anime reviews for summer animes are lacking effort, cuz I breezed through all of them and make the reviews.

You guys might be thinking now that maybe its the animes fault. Maybe they are mostly meh to me that’s why I prefer to watch the animes on my backlog.

Nope, you’re wrong.

It’s actually because I got fed up with watching animes weekly. I can’t stand waiting for the new episode to arrive. The wait is always a struggle, and I don’t think I could handle it. I prefer binging now over weekly animes. That way, I won’t struggle and I can immediately process everything about the anime.

Yes, not watching weekly has demerits too. Spoilers are all over my social media, I can’t escape it. I also not anymore updated to the trends and hypes in the community, though, I do prefer being the deviant one. Lol.

Still, I don’t think I could go back to my old ways and continue watching weekly animes. Maybe, I might change my mind next year (though that highly unlikely), right now, I’m just focused on watching the animes on my backlog.
Afterall, I still have sooooo many amazing animes in my PTW list…

and I feel like I really need to watch them.


I think I made this post abit serious….I guess. I dunno.

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts about seasonal animes. Do you watch it weekly too? Or do you prefer binging? There is no wrong answer so…yeah.

That’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Karandi Permalink

    I used to only hinge because access to current anime was normally unavailable. However I love watching seasonal anime. The wait is hard but I love the chatter and speculation around most recent episodes. I still binge older anime but the majority of my watch time is taken up with seasonal episodes.

  2. Lynn Permalink

    I watch them in batches of four. That way I’m only ever four weeks behind at the most. I still have to avoid spoilers, but I don’t feel as disconnected with the community.

  3. Lina Permalink

    I am a binger too. I have tried to watch weekly but I always end up pausing so I can watch several episodes at a time. It’s just not my thing. Sure, spoilers occur and I can’t/don’t read blogs (posts) with episode reviews. That’s kind of sad but it is what it is I suppose.

  4. AstralGemini Permalink

    Seasonal Anime is interesting. at times I love it, and at times i hate it. I’ve always enjoyed watching an episode, then discussing with friends what we think will happen in the next episode, and such. but trying to keep updated with so many seasonal shows can be a real hassle, too.

  5. Krystallina Permalink

    Binge. Once in a while, for a show I’m REALLY interested in, I’ll tune in each week, otherwise, I just wait.

  6. TPAB~ Permalink

    mhrp tlga. kaya nga di ako updated kasi mhrap makihabol. atako, personally, yaw ko maki-uso. hahaha so di tlga ako nanood ng seasonal. minsan lng cguro pero todo effort p un.

    1. Will Sirius Permalink

      So true!! Nag try try lang nga aku ngayon with new projects here on my blog. I’m not sure if I can keep up with it, pero if kaya naman…edi wow XD


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