12 Days of Anime Official Announcement!!!

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Will Sirius here!

As you all know, I had been hinting/saying/announcing that I’ll be joining the christmas project, 12 Days of Anime. And now, I’m official announcing my participation!!! Ooohohohoho!!!

I know this is becoming redundant, but bear with me. I’m just excited!! I wasn’t able to do it last year due to my clumsy mistake, so I made sure to do it this year.

If you guys don’t know, 12 Days of Anime is an annual christmas project where content creators would post entries for 12 consecutive days leading up to Christmas. The project starts at the 14th of December to the 25th, which is the Christmas day! The posts they’ll make covers everything that happened to them in that said year, and it could be anime-related or other stuff. Content creators have the freedom to be creative in making their posts. For the past few years, I had watched/seen/read alot of entries from different content creators (anitubers to anibloggers), and bruh, its an unbelievable feeling being able to do the same.

Perpetual Morning will be hosting this event again for this year. He also made a spreadsheet to keep track to all the content creators joing the event. Check it out through this link.

If ever you want to be part of this project, I don’t its too late…yet. Heh. Feel free to join and share 12 amazing stuffs that happened to you this year. I do encourage you to do so. 😉

Anyway, that’s it for now.
See you at the 14th. ^_^



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    Ah, I’m doing this as well. I realized quite quickly that it’s actually a lot more daunting of a task than I initially expected! I have only written 4 posts so far as a buffer as well, so I have to really work hard. Hopefully, I’ll have time for it. I mean, one of my posts are at 4.5k words!
    How is it for you? Are you doing lots of preparation, or do you write it on the day it’s going out? Will you write long posts or not?

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      Ah, forgot to mention that I’m starting early, as early as today already, because I celebrate Christmas on the 24th and won’t be posting on the 24th itself

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      Indeed, I also didn’t expect it would be this daunting XD
      Right now I made half of the needed posts for the project.
      Oh my… 4.5k words?!?!?!? Damn!! I could never reach that XD

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        Yeah, I just wrote for 3 hours straight. The post was partially planned, but mostly a stream of conciousness. Basically, I sprinkled in some planned stuff that would tie in the long story with the ending, so that it doesn’t feel like two completely separate entities. (it’s coming out the day after tomorrow)
        But yeah, I won’t be doing this long posts every time. Just as you said as well, it’s quite daunting. I’d be glad if I had half the posts ready already like you did! Seriously, I should’ve started writing long ago, because now I’ll probably have to write multiple posts in one day to increase my buffer xD

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          3 hours straight!! Oh man!!!
          I actually started writing for the project just last week, that’s why I’m abit ahead, and made plans like…a month ago. Like with topics and everything Hahahahhaahha XD
          Tbh, I actually want to write more and more about the topics I’m about to share, but I held back cuz it was getting personal hahahah.
          Well, cuz this is our first itme joining a annual christmas event. I guess, we learn from our mistakes and not do them next year XD heheheh


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