12 Days of Anime: I need more Yuri!!!

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This year had been a blessing to the Yuri fandom. Alot of prominent Yuri mangas got an anime adaptation, and were done right! And….yes, including Citrus.

With the amazing reception of Bloom into you and the appreciated Asagao to Kase-san, what more can I ask for as a yuri fan?? Well, of course…MORE YURI.

Yep, more yuri.
I still need more.

Not just in anime, but also in manga.

Right now, most of the yuri mangas are either one-shots or are really short. I want to be able to have another heart wrenching Bloom into you, or Girl friends to enjoy reading. Even for extreme like NTR and Citrus, I’ll even accept them. -_-

Right now, I get alot of yuri feels from the Korean and Chinese mangas. They are full of ugggghhhh…and yeeeeeee!! I can’t stop myself from enjoying them. But with the China gov’t trying to prohibit the publishing of yuri and yaoi, I’ll be in despair!


I just need more yuri manga content.

That way, I might be able to live with it.



give me more!!

move on.

For anime, we have a handful of yuri animes. Let us not including the yuri-bait ones, they are too many and very manipulative. As much as I freakin’ love them, the ships in those animes are not CANON so don’t me. Let’s focus on the full fledged yuri animes, they are only few.

Yep, only few. That means I might’ve watched them all already.


Why? I don’t know too.

For this year, the only yuri anime I was the Asagao to Kase-san OVA. That’s it.


I haven’t touched the NTR, Citrus, or even my favorite, Bloom into you. Even the yuri animes on my backlog, other than the few notable ones (Sakura trick, Flip flappers, and some…), I haven’t seen most of the yuri animes.

I’m stupid, right?

I know… I know. Just like the ecchi animes, I hadn’t been a good fan. Compared to the ecchi anime situation, I actually don’t know the reason as to why I haven’t watched the yuri animes yet. I’m such a failure of a fan.

But of course, with a new year coming, I can still turn the tides of fate. I will watch alot of yuri animes. I promise you that.

I don’t when exactly, but I will make sure of it.

I will not taint again my reputation as an avid yuri fan.


That was…messy.
I didn’t really thought much about this entry and just went with it. I just want to let my feels out. Heh.
Anyway, that’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!!

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