12 Days of Anime: Another List of Amazing English Dubbed Animes

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I am an avid supporter of Dubs. I grew up watching anime in dubs so I can’t helped it if I sometimes prefer it over Japanese Dub. Don’t get me wrong, I love Japanese dubs. There are just animes out there than had really good English dub or are better watch in English dub.

Last year, I had already created a post about the best English dubbed animes I had watched/heard. This time, I will give you a new list of really good English dubbed animes. I was able to discover quite alot of high quality English Dubbed animes this year. Now, I want to share them all with you guys. 🙂

First up, Full Metal Panic franchise.

With the resurgence of the franchise, I decided to rewatch it which resulted me to be reminded how AWESOME its English dubs were. It’s quality is up there along side the best like Cowboy Bebop and Code Geass. That is just my opinion. Heh.

The english voice actors of the franchise captured the personalities of the characters they are portraying and gave them justice. Example to this would be the English voice actor’s portrayal of the main character, Sagara. You can tell by his performance the personality of Sagara, that he is a straight military teen who have no knowledge and whatsoever of common sense and other mundane information. Same goes to other English V.A.’s of this franchise, they added alot of flavor and fun to the series.

Next, Black Butler.

I am a fan of the original Japanese dub of the series, but the English dub of this anime franchise is no joke as well. It’s really good. Like REALLY REALLY GOOD. With the setting of the anime in Europe, most of the V.A. used European accent to fit the characters they were portraying. Even though I can somewhat tell that most of them are just “trying to sound British”, they still pull it off quite well. I especially love the performance of the English V.A. for Sebastian. Damn, I already thought that the Sebastian J-voice was already sexy, but the English dub was alot more appealing and attractive to listen to. Ooohohohoho.
There are other animes too that I conveniently watch in English Dub because I grew up watching it that way. Well, it was thanks to Animax Asia that I got to be introduced to these enjoyable animes:

– Vision of Escaflowne
– Galaxy Angel
– Baka to test no Shuukanjuu

– ex-Driver
– Witch Hunter Robin

I’ll follow it up with a somewhat new anime, Violet Evergarden.

When the anime was released last Winter, I got the chance to watch it both in English dub and Japanese dub. It was hard to get a proper copy of it cuz Netflix got its license, so I watched it using the “alternative” ways. Lel. Both the english and japanese dubs were available to watch, so I watch both version and was in awe by how amazing they were. Each version properly portrayed the characters really well, and at the same time gave off different outstanding performances too.

Another one would be, Classroom of the Elite.

Just like Violet Evergarden, I had a privilege to watch the anime both in english and japanese dub. Both versions were done really well. I really thought the Japanese dub would be superior over the English dub, because most of the personalities of the characters were well-performed by the Japanese V.A.’s. But boi…the english dub surprised me. The Western V.A. did an outstanding job in portraying the characters. I especially love the performance of Kushida’s Western V.A., the switch of personality felt genuine and believable. Ayanokouji’s Western V.A. did a wonderful job in maintaining the aloof and monotonous nature needed for the character.

It just shows new animes have alot of good english dubs too.

Lastly, I’ll be sharing to you guys some animes that I haven’t rewatched yet, but by my memory, they had really good good English Dubs.

One of the notworthy ones was Maria Holic. I watched this anime through an illegal streaming site (chu <3 anime) out of boredom, hoping it would bring me joy and fluffyness that I was looking for. While reading the comments, I noticed alot of the commenters pointing out how good the english dub of the anime so that prompt me to watch it in dub. And bruh, IT WAS FUUUNNNNN. The fast dialogues of the characters and witty jokes were so hilarious in English. Their jokes were westernized in a way that it didn’t disrupt the overall story of the anime. I’m not saying the Japanese version is bad or anything, I just say its alot more convenient to the viewers. Especially, the anime incorporates fast dialogues which is hard to follow when we are only relying on English subs.

Other anime that I haven’t rewatched yet but had noteworthy English dubs would be Freezing and Highschool DxD. Well, I think I already mentioned this before, but when it comes to ecchi animes, they are best watch in ENGLISH DUBS. Both Freezing and DxD had enjoyable English Dubs which adds alot of fun and enjoyment to us viewers. Hearing the vulgar words while seeing the heavy fanservice on screen defintiely adds alot of intensity to the scenes. Hehehehehehe.
I guess, that’s it.

I had shared to you 12 animes with amazing English Dubs.

Again, these stuff that I shared to you are all my opinion so it depends on you if you listen to me or not. After all, watching English dubbed animes is a choice and not an obligation. I guess, I just want to spread to everyone that English dubs are not bad as others think, there are actually good ones out there but left untouched. Watching English dub and enjoying them wont hurt or damage your life span so feel free to try them.

Feel free to share your thoughts down below about english dubs and maybe, share some animes you also think have really good english dubs.

Thanks for reading!!



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    That’s interesting. Even though I prefer the Japanese version of anime, I don’t hate dubs at all when done right. It does annoy me when some anime fans scoff at anything that’s dubbed.
    I’d say some anime series that had better dubs than the original Japanese versions would be Shinesman, Yugo the Negotiator, Sailor Victory, and Gunsmith Cats to name a few.
    There are some anime series and movies that I can watch both languages and still enjoy them such as Haibane Renmei, Jungle Emperor Leo (1997), Read or Die, Gankutsuou, and The Place Promised In Our Early Days.

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      Oooohhhh I totally agree on Yugo the Negotiator. I haven’t seen the other animes you mentioned, but I’ll definitely check them out.
      Indeed, it does annoy me if people assume that if its english dub, its trash. They pretty much miss out alot of amazing dubs. :3

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        You know, Yugo? Nice! That’s such a criminally underrated series. The voice acting was better and I liked how it corrected a mistake the Japanese version made when it came to a plot point (The national language of Pakistan is URDU! Not Arabic, Japanese VA staff!). Definitely check out the other anime series whenever you can.
        I know, right? Sure, there have been bad dubs, but there have been good dubs and they shouldn’t be automatically written off.

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          Yeeeee!! I enjoyed Yugo anime very much. I wish there was more to it, having only 2 arcs is abit disapointing.
          Oooohhh…I didn’t know the Jp VA staff made a mistake. I never tried to watch the Japanese dub of it cuz I was contented with the English dub.

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            That’s great. Yugo is such a good series. One or two more arcs could be nice since the manga went a lot further from what I’ve heard.
            Yup, and as a geography nerd, I appreciated the effort the English dub staff at ADV did with their research and everything. Jason Douglas just killed it as Yugo. That VA doesn’t get enough credit and I’ve liked his voice over work more often than not.

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    Great post. Ecchi and Harems are so much better with a good dub. It just brings out the humor so much more.


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