12 Days of Anime: Aggretsuko, Wotakoi and Adulting

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If there was one thing that Aggretsuko and Wotakoi had in common, that would be the realistic portrayal of working men and women. Though, they are not really the same, with Wotakoi more focused on the otaku side while Aggretsuko on the harsher side of working, I still consider both as really good examples of what its like to be part of the workforce.

Well, I can’t really comment much about this, after all, I haven’t had a legit job yet. Like, I’m still on the applying stage. Heh.

Still, these two animes left a huge impression to me. It made me excited and at the same time, scared to become an adult. Excited in related to Wotakoi, being able to meet workmates who happened to have the same interests and maybe, romance too. Then fear, maybe I might experience everything that had happen in Aggretsuko. I think I mentioned this before on my review, but in some ways, I have the same personality with Retsuko. The bully she got in the office, was somewhat similar to what I experienced when I was in highschool and college, and bruh, I don’t want that in my work too.

But I think, I can’t really know until I became one. A full fledged working woman.

It is scary as hell, but I guess I can’t escape it.

Afterall, we all need to grow up and become adults.

I just hope I won’t lose my child-like personality in me.



This one was really short. Oh damn. I guess I just want to share this, especially now that I’m currently applying and venturing for job opportunities.

Adulting is something I am excited and scared for, but I still need to face it and move forward.

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Thanks for reading!!



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