12 Days of Anime 2020 cut short. Sorry!

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Hi! Sirius here.

I’m here to apologize to all, I wasn’t able to finish the 12 Days of Anime 2020.

It was a mishap on my part, I didn’t expect my work would overpower me and make me lose time to edit my 12 Days entries. It’s such a waste and a shame.

I really enjoyed watching Ghibli films so far since I started this annual event for this year, too bad I wasn’t able to finish my marathon. However that doesn’t mean I won’t be finishing the list I prepared. I will still watch the remaining Ghibli films on my list. I might do some minor changes as they are not anymore 12 Days posts.

I’m not sure if I could still post new content in the next couple of days, but I will post something later to give my thoughts about 2020.

So for now, this has been Will Sirius. Bye bye!



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