12 Days of Anime 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

12 Days of Anime 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

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Yo!! Sirius here!!

Yes, you read that right, it is time for the 12 Days of Anime.


Just like last year, I will be participating in this event.

I’ll be honest, I really thought I won’t be able to participate, especially after dropping the schedule thing and now…me…having a lot of stuff on my plate. But bruh…I can’t pass this. I know I can do this.


I sound so positive and yet I haven’t even started writing my entries yet. RIP me.

But I know I can pull this one off.

12 Days of Anime is an annual event where all participating anibloggers post entries about anime 12 days in a row. The event starts on the 14th day and ends on Christmas Day, the 25th. This event is open to everyone, even to anitubers. All the content creators are free to participate in this event. Just check out Perpetual Morning’s post for more details.

Before I end this announcement, I will be sharing some ideas I have for my entries for this event.

As this is the last year of the 2010’s, the end of a decade, I will be featuring entries about it. However, I won’t be focusing on that only, I will also have entries about the anime-related stuff for this year.

These are just ideas.

With my limited time, I am not sure if I can post entries that would satisfy me but I’ll manage. Hahahahha.

Anyway, I won’t prolong this entry anymore.

That is all.

This has been Will Sirius and look forward for the upcoming entries.

This is going to be exciting!!

12 Days of Anime 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT!!!


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