Sirius Writes

Month: April 2020

Reading Time: 5 minutes I had always been a fan of Studio Doga Kobo’s works. They welcome this new decade with a new anime piece, Koisuru Asteroid. Unlike the other animes I recently reviewed here, Koisuru Asteroid is not that popular with people. I even […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes Let’s take a break from reviewing animes, and let me share to you guys my thoughts about a movie I recently watched, Midnight Runner. Around the time when this movie became popular, I was planning on watching this Korean movie. However, […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the animes that I looked forward to watching from the previous season was ID: Invaded. It was a series that reminded me of how amazing Psychology is and that I am a Psych graduate. Lol. ID: Invaded is […]