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12 Days of Anime: Animes to watch in 2019 (from my backlog)

Oh damn!!! It's the last day of the 12 Days of Anime. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! I made it through the project. Yeeee!!!! For this last entry of...

12 Days of Anime: Top 24 Favorite Animes of All Time

This is going to be a long list...

12 Days of Anime: Watching seasonal animes is a hassle

It's hard to watch animes weekly, you know.

12 Days of Anime: Not Enough Ecchi Animes

I didn't expect I need this.

12 Days of Anime: Slow Start and Being Late in Life

This is alot personal than normal.

12 Days of Anime: Top 12 "Worst" Animes of 2018

After sharing my Best Animes of 2018, I think its just right to share the worst ones too.

12 Days of Anime: Another List of Amazing English Dubbed Animes

Let me share to you 12 animes with great English dubs.

12 Days of Anime: Top 12 Best Animes of 2018

The first 12 days of anime post is here!


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