Monthly Archives: November, 2018

Slow Start: After Thoughts

Not your typical moe Slice of life anime.

Happy Sugar Life: Quick Thoughts

At review for this anime is now here.

Assassination Classroom S2: Quick Thoughts

Definitely better than seaosn 1.

Black Butler S2: Quick Thoughts

Here's the unnecessary 2nd season of Black Butler.

Black Butler S1: Quick Thoughts

Yay! I watch it! At last!

Kuroko no Basket Movie – Last Game: Quick Thoughts

Now for the last movie...

Kuroko no Basket S3: Quick Thoughts

KnB's 3rd season.

Mouretsu Pirates – Abyss of Hyperspace: Quick Thoughts

I really want to be like Marika. XD

Full Metal Panic S2 – Fumoffu: Quick Thoughts

Fumoffu is really fun to watch.

Animes I dropped this Fall 2018 Season.

I didn't drop much.

Full Metal Panic S1: Quick Thoughts

In preparation for the 4th season, I went back and watch from the beginning. 🙂

Music Feature: "Tade Kuu Mushi mo Like it! / 46okunen LOVE" by ANGERME

Here's my thoughts about the latest single of ANGERME.


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