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July Update: Monthly Rundown

WARNING: This is a random post of mine. I don't recommend you to read it. I promise.

Golden Kamuy: After Thoughts

Golden Kamuy was one of the animes I really really enjoyed binge-watching last season.

Stella no Mahou: After Thoughts

In the midst of watching some spring season animes, I was able to finish watching this moe anime, Stella no Mahou.

Hello! Project Song Ranking (1st Half 2018)

Hello Everyone!! Even though I announced before that I'll refrain from posting anything other than anime-related content, I just can't help it. I had always...

Hinamatsuri: After Thoughts

Hinamatsuri was one of the most enjoyed anime last spring season. It was one of the underrated animes that got massive success. But compared to others who watched this one weekly, I binged watched this instead.

Toji no Miko: After Thoughts

Toji no Miko was one of the underrated animes released in the first half of this year. It's an original anime so I really dunno what to expect from this. Here's my thoughts about it:

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: After Thoughts

Yeeeee!! Yeeeee!! One of my recent favorite manga's got adaptated into an amazing anime. Read out my thoughts about it.

Comic Girls: After Thoughts

Comic Girls. One of my favorite animes released last spring season. Here's my review of it.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby: After Thoughts

The whole line-up for the spring season was unreal. So many good animes released, I don't even know what to watch first. I haven't...

June, my Birthday Month: Monthly Rundown

June is the best month in a whole year. Why? Cuz of an awesome kid like me was born, bruh! Appreciate it!! Wooohhhoooo!! This is the Monthly Rundown! Enjoy!


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